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Deborah Paulmann in Your True Colors Magazine: December 2014

Deborah Paulmann writes for Your True Colors Magazine December 2014 for the article: Permanent Makeup and Disposable Single Use Hand Held Needles Read the article…


Behind The Scenes Of Conan’s “Sons Of Anarchy”

Deborah helps Conan transform into a member of SAMCRO in Sons Of Anarchy!? Check out this peek behind the black leather curtain.

deborah paulmann on cycles radio

Deborah Paulmann on The Cycles Of Change radio program November 11, 2012

Deborah Paulmann on Cycles Radio. Entertainment and what we make popular is a mirror of us as viewers. Our national trends shape what genres are popular and we draw patterns in the wake of our choices.  Deborah discusses the changes she has witnessed in entertainment over the past thirty years with a unique perspective with […]

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