Bio.: Deborah T. Paulmann – An Emmy nominated professional celebrity makeup artist for television, print and film, and over 20 years experience, a member of IATSE Locals 798 (East Coast) and 706 (West Coast), a member of ATAS (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences); NY State and California state Cosmetology licensed; a certified Image Enhancement specialist with The Phoenix Society of Burn Survivors; it is most rewarding to add Permanent Makeup via certification from The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) and is accredited with the California State Board of Health. She is doubly certified having studied over a year with Karma Vieira. Her journey into micropigmentation is an extension of her work with Burn Survivors, and her prestigious experience as a Makeup Artist gives her clients profound guidance in their desired goals. Taking great pride in her work, she is as compassionate as she is gentle and always offers a comfortable, caring and calm environment to work in. She has worked with Conan O’Brien for the past 12 years, and made the move with him from NY to LA where she continues to work with him, at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, and develops a celebrity clientele.

EYEBROWS frame the eyes and are therefore an important feature of the face, many people have difficulty with the correct shape and color of the brows, together we design the brows with the color best suited for you. EYELINER will enhance the lashline, eyelashes will appear thicker. The amount of eyeliner is up to you, as a Makeup Artist I offer my expertise and further-we can always apply more, most important is your comfort.

Lips can be done as lip liner or as full lip color. We can also alter, correct and or enhance the shape of the lip to your desired goal. Together we custom design the color.

Permanent Makeup will not alter in color as traditional tattooing will. Iron Oxides used in tattooing changes color over time; black will turn blue or greenish, pink/red can turn a peachy color. Permanent Makeup can be altered in shape size or color, this isn’t generally an option with tattooing. This is important as our personal preferences may change, and as well, in ageing our natural facial coloring fades and changes, too harsh a color of makeup or hair “hardens” our overall appearance, and too soft or faded of color can be ageing itself; the contours of our face may change—you may want to change the shape of your lips or your brows…this is easily accomplished with Permanent Makeup.

This varies greatly from person to person, for some PM will last 3-5 years, some may choose to come more often for touchup or to have more added, having seen the results and the advantages of spending less time in daily routine makeups.

While there is little if any “down time”, the healing process varies from person to person for a few reasons–such as where the procedure was done (the lips for example, will swell more than other areas of the face where the eyebrows usually swell very little), and as per one’s comfort zone how some people have more sensitive skin or are  more tolerant to pain than others. Advil and an ice pack are recommended for the first day after the procedure, and then for 24hrs daily for 7 days you will wear a veil of Vaseline, covering the procedure area using a Qtip to apply Vaseline for sanitary reasons, and using a little extra Vaseline before and after cleansing and showering for protection of the procedure area from bacteria while also allowing for the implanted color to better settle into the skin. Some people are fine to go out that same night, but particularly if it is your first experience in getting Permanent Makeup, I suggest you give yourself a day, possibly two if you  have lips done for the first time. The complete “healing process” is actually 4 weeks–at which time we would do the “touchup”, a very important part of completing your Permanent Makeup procedure to assure that the shape and color and clarity are exactly defined as to our expectations and designs. Prior to the procedure you can help avoid swelling during the procedure by avoiding the use of anti-inflammatories like Advil, though you can take it the second we are done!

We should talk more in depth about what you can expect in all aspects of the process, depending on what it is you are having done. I welcome any and all  questions before and anytime after your procedure as well!

I use topical medical anesthetics to numb the area, to avoid pain and discomfort; if a client feels they are particularly sensitive they can discuss with their doctor if using a relaxant or oral pain medication would be appropriate. I have found that after a first application the area is less sensitive than the first. Many of my clients actually fall asleep during the procedure. Which to me is the great indicator that they are perfectly comfortable and certainly feeling no pain.

Men and women of all ages can benefit from Permanent Makeup. Men may choose to have a receding hairline enhanced, or eyebrow or eyeliner added to re-define what aging may have lightened; women may choose this to save time and “wake up with makeup”; women who have difficulty with applying even eyebrow makeup or lip liner, or have problems with constant running or smearing of eyeliner, excessive sweating that causes makeup to run or disappear, or have sensitivities to commercial brands of makeup; it can be life changing to those with physical handicaps—such as arthritis, shaky hands, Parkinson’s, vision impairment; as well for Chemo patients who know they will be losing their hair-this process softens the emotional despair and feel less that sense of loss.

I do the “hand held method” of manual implantation of pigment into the skin to simulate natural or well defined makeup. It is a “selective” art form of traditional tattoo, but no guns are used–only hand held disposable needles, which are also way more sanitary, but also provide a quieter and calmer atmosphere during the procedure (many of my clients actually fall asleep while I am working on them!). I use Topical Numbing creams which also make for a much more comfortable experience.

Starting with a consultation if needed, full discussion of your medical history, we determine your needs and expectations, aftercare and healing and plans for your touch-up, which will be four weeks following your procedure. The touchup is important for a number of reasons and important for me to see how your skin “took” the application, if any adjustments need be made (which is common and should be expected), and for us to be sure we are both happy with the results. Most procedures need one touchup, others need more, all of this is discussed so that you can be comfortable knowing exactly what to expect.

Permanent Makeup is a non surgical micro procedure better named “MICROPIGMENTATION”; it is the implantation of color pigment into the dermal layer of the skin by using HAND HELD DISPOSABLE NEEDLES; to enhance one’s appearance as Traditional Makeup would on certain areas of the face, where Tattooing is more commonly performed on the body. Tattoo should NOT be done on the face as it will inevitably change color and cannot be easily removed or altered. I use Organic Pigments which do not change color but will fade down. It is awesome for scars, burn/camouflage cover, and such skin imperfections, also for receding hairlines or any hair on the face such as eyebrows, eyeliner and is popular for both men and women.

Permanent Makeup is also a life changer for the physically impaired, for example–those with vision problems, shaky hands making Makeup application difficult and uneven, those with cosmetic allergies or sensitivities, pre or post Chemo patients do quite well, and I always suggest having the Permanent Makeup done BEFORE chemo starts so that the transition in natural hair loss is much less an emotional issue as it would be after the fact, and making the whole chemo process a little easier. I have also had clients with Port Wine Stains, MS patients, clients who get Permanent Makeup prior to certain surgeries, or if there will be loss of the use of that hand/arm. There are so many awesome reasons to get it!